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Pablo Picasso

Head with mask



Do you have a question concerning this artwork email us to service@artcrater.com

If an artwork is offered in the sellingmode "Make offer" the buyer can place a bid. We forward each bid to the seller. Further bids can be placed until the bidding is stopped. Bidding is stopped when the artwork has reached a price accepted by the seller. Then the artwork will show the status RESERVED.
The submission of a bid is binding for the purchase if the seller accepts the bid.
If an artwork is offered in the sellingmode "Buy" & "Make offer", you can place a bid and alternatively buy the artwork.

* Percentage of the netprice to be paid to the artist for their resale rights along to the European copyright law. The resell fee is split between seller and purchaser and is due when a sale occurs.

Artcrater takes the following commission fees for the completed sale for artworks:
- 5% from the seller and 5% from the buyer for artworks over 20.000 €
- 7,5% from the seller and 7,5% from the buyer for artworks up to 20.000 €
The commission is of the net price.