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About Us

The smarter art market

Artcrater is a discreet members platform for collectors to sell and buy artworks of the most wanted artists from the globe.

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As a collector of contemporary art for many years, I invented Artcrater to relieve the pain of my fellow collectors who – like me – want to sell an artwork once in a while. Auctions are loud, unpredictable and similar to gambling. Artcrater provides a possibility for selling art in a most discreet way, within a trusted community. Ruth Gudrun Wurlitzer

The idea

If collectors can sell artworks in a convenient and sustainable way art gets liquidity and it’s less risky to invest money in art. This will remove the growing reluctance of collectors to buy, and fire the whole art market. If more art is sold, more artists can make a living from it and inspire the world with their work.

Positive effects

for galleries

Galleries profit from discreet and direct sales via Artcrater, because no negative effects from bought-ins at auctions with their negative impact on the market occur.

...and art dealer

Fine art dealers, who usually like to buy works directly from collectors or at auctions, now have the opportunity to purchase via Artcrater’s collectors’ network and pay only 5% commission instead 30% premium at an auction.

„If you buy art, you’re the king,
if you want to sell it, you’re the a……“

This lament of a great London collector in a small circle of fellow sufferers has been echoing constantly in Gudrun Wurlitzers head, because it is exactly her own ache. Many collectors say that they no longer buy new art because it is so problematic to sell something. This is felt by artists and galleries. So she decided to offer a digital solution to solve the collectors pain - and Artcrater was born.

Artcrater is an exclusive digital collectors network where collectors can sell and acquire artworks online, discretely, confidentially and directly from each other.
Rarely galleries want to take an artwork back. So in most cases an auction is the only means of choice. Auctions are loud, unpredictable and similar to gambling. The risk of harming artists, galleries and the artwork itself is obvious if the artwork is unsold or undersold.

If the piece belongs to the 39% of unsold (“bought in”) works, the collector has a problem. Some say that the artwork is then “burned” und you can’t sell it at a convenient price within the next years. The costs for transport to the auction house and back are especially painful under such circumstances.
Moreover, every artist fears that their work might be undersold, or unsold at auction, affecting confidence and making sales from the gallery much more difficult. Artists and gallery owners suffer from these circumstances too. This situation has led to an increasing reluctance on the collectors’ side to acquire new artworks in primary market galleries, as they now consider the possible successful sale of a collection object to be too risky.

With Artcrater, it will be easier for collectors who want to sell. Artcrater strives to become a pure collectors network with a growing community that allows its members to sell discreetly, digitally and directly from collector to collector without “bought-in” risk. The prices obtained are not displayed on our website, therefore there is no registration by art valuation companies, as is the case with auction results. Furthermore, the collectors network of Artcrater will digitalize the private sales sector, an art market segment which has hardly been digitized at all sand which is still characterized by strong inefficiencies.

At the same time, Artcrater offers the great experience to purchasers of discovering interesting artworks like in an auction catalogue, but without the risk of getting involved into a bidding war for the purchase and paying high unforeseen additional costs up to 30% on top. Artcrater charges only 5% from the seller and buyer, which are clearly summed up during the sales process. When accepting art objects, we apply the same selection criteria that are common in the art trade and auction business in order to supply our users the same standards and security.
We also selectively grant galleries and art dealers membership. We are convinced that our collector community will be a highly interesting alternative to the fair.

To offer desirable quality and prevent from being an ‘outlet’, Artcrater focusses on works by the most wanted artists from the globe.

For further details and photos please contact: press@artcrater.com

Our heads

Gudrun Wurlitzer

Ruth Gudrun Wurlitzer>

Euphemia von Kaler zu Lanzenheim

Euphemia von Kaler zu Lanzenheim>

Götz Christmann

Götz Christmann>

Gudrun Wurlitzer

Ruth Gudrun Wurlitzer
CEO | Founder
is an architect, collector and internet entrepreneur. Her collection is part of the organisation berlincollectors.com and listed in the worldwide registry independentcollectors.com.

Euphemia von Kaler zu Lanzenheim

Euphemia von Kaler zu Lanzenheim
is an art historian and art advisor focused on private sales, with deep art market knowledge and keen interest in its digitization perspectives.

Götz Christmann

Götz Christmann
is our technical engineer and developer. Recently he has already carried out the development of artitious.com, a popular artist website which is also run by Wurlitzer.